advised by Giralda Advisors

The Giralda Fund (GDAMX) is closed to new investors. The Giralda Risk Managed Fund (GRGIX) is open to new investors as of 5/28/2014. Objectives, strategies and operation are identical to those of The Giralda Fund.

The Giralda Fund is designed to seek long-term capital appreciation. We attempt to provide risk-managed exposure to the equity markets, with the goal of limiting asset depreciation during both protracted and catastrophic market downturns while allowing participation in up-trending markets. Currently, The Giralda Fund has approximately $250 million under management. Meet The Giralda Fund Team.

The Giralda Fund is particularly suited to shareholders who wish to stay fully invested in the equity markets and delegate the responsibility of making proactive adjustments in an effort to protect themselves from adverse market conditions.